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How is SpecFlow+ licensed?



  • fescobar

    Where is the link to buy the license?

    I'm looking for that a long time ago.

  • Alexandra Horváth-Fung

    Hi fescobar,

    SpecFlow+ is now available free of charge.

    Learn more about the new free account-based license model and how you can sign-up for an account on our blog.

    If you want to activate SpecFlow+ Runner, please follow our step-by-step Getting Started Guide.


  • fescobar

    Hi Alexandra

    I want to run SpecRun from the command line in different agents (different machines). Each time I run in a new machine ask me for activating SpecFlow.


    I know you can execute this command:

    SpecRun.exe register –licenseKey KBh8227Ahb9382QAAA=== –issuedTo “ACME Corp.”

    But how can I get the LICENSE KEY?. There is no info about that in my Microsoft account.

    Thank you

  • Zsolt Oláh

    Hi fescobar

    Please submit a request on with the details of the issue (version of SpecFlow+ Runner, type of build server agents, version/type of .NET framework in use, etc.).

    Thank you


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