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"Cannot find the specified testAssembly:" the project name is getting ommitted


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  • Handy, Jack

    Follow up. I copied the erroring commnd into a cmd on the server and it runs successfully:

    D:\somepath>dotnet "D:\Agent\_work\_tasks\SpecFlowPlus_32f3fe66-8bfc-476e-8e2c-9b4b59432ffa\0.6.964\CLI\LivingDoc.CLI.dll" test-assembly "bin\Debug\net6.0\Company_com.dll" --output-type JSON --test-execution-json "**\TestExecution.json" --binding-assemblies "bin\Debug\net6.0\Company_com.dll" --include-test-output "All" --output "D:\Agent\_work\2\s\76163\FeatureData.json" --project-name "Web site testing" --project-language "en"


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