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Support for SpecFlow+ Excel in current SpecFlow versions



  • Alvord, Gregory

    We are finding the Excel support essential to our testing. We provide software to the US Real Estate Finance industry. We have built up a collection of Excel files that represent lending scenarios. We can test a particular lending scenario with a one row Excel sheet or test all lending including all of rows in one file.

    An acceptable alternative would be a way to connect Gherkin level parameters to an XPath in a XML file or a JSON path in a JSON file. and the ability to repeat a Scenario Outline for each *.xml or *.json file in a given directory.

  • Andreas Willich

    Alvord, Gregory did you accidentally downvote this feature request? It shows -1

  • Vanessa Völk

    Hi Alvord, Gregory,

    recently we published a blogpost regarding our new External DataPlugin, which may be helpful for you. Its first version allows you to extend your test cases by tagging scenarios with a property to fill parameters with different values defined in a separate JSON. 

    It would be great if you can take a look and give us feedback. Thanks, and enjoy it!

  • Rup Web

    What's the alternative to Excel to manage the scenario outline data where you want to run, say, 20+ scenarios?

    So you have <client>, <name>, <deal> etc. with lots of different clients, names, deals etc. in fact I have about 40 properties to test in 1 go, and then 20 different data scenarios for each property so I get a big matrix of, well, 40 keys each with 20 different values, like a spreadsheet columns and rows, but i don't have to use a spreadsheet for the data.

    Is this the blog above?

    I was using the feature file with scenario outline, and then examples (the data coming from an excel spreadsheet) like the picture

    I can't get this to build any more... hmm


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