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Support for SpecFlow+ Excel in current SpecFlow versions

Not planned



  • Alvord, Gregory

    We are finding the Excel support essential to our testing. We provide software to the US Real Estate Finance industry. We have built up a collection of Excel files that represent lending scenarios. We can test a particular lending scenario with a one row Excel sheet or test all lending including all of rows in one file.

    An acceptable alternative would be a way to connect Gherkin level parameters to an XPath in a XML file or a JSON path in a JSON file. and the ability to repeat a Scenario Outline for each *.xml or *.json file in a given directory.

  • Andreas Willich

    Alvord, Gregory did you accidentally downvote this feature request? It shows -1

  • Vanessa Völk

    Hi Alvord, Gregory,

    recently we published a blogpost regarding our new External DataPlugin, which may be helpful for you. Its first version allows you to extend your test cases by tagging scenarios with a property to fill parameters with different values defined in a separate JSON. 

    It would be great if you can take a look and give us feedback. Thanks, and enjoy it!

  • Rup Web

    What's the alternative to Excel to manage the scenario outline data where you want to run, say, 20+ scenarios?

    So you have <client>, <name>, <deal> etc. with lots of different clients, names, deals etc. in fact I have about 40 properties to test in 1 go, and then 20 different data scenarios for each property so I get a big matrix of, well, 40 keys each with 20 different values, like a spreadsheet columns and rows, but i don't have to use a spreadsheet for the data.

    Is this the blog above?

    I was using the feature file with scenario outline, and then examples (the data coming from an excel spreadsheet) like the picture

    I can't get this to build any more... hmm

  • Brian Meyers

    I am pretty sure this has been discussed many times.  I come back year after year hoping that you have finally decided to upgrade SpecFlow + excel to new versions of Spec Flow. 

    We have thousands of tests written in excel using Spec Flow 2.4.  We prefer to write tests in Excel because we can use all of the standard excel functions like this number should be "A1 + B1".  It goes a long way to explain why we have a specific number in the test case.  Without it, we have to calculate all the values offline and then add documentation as to how we calculated those numbers.  Without that excel formula (or long winded documentation in the test), the person who wrote the test doesn't remember why they used a specific value. Excel has huge advantages over the .feature file format.

    I am just looking for the generator from .xlsx to .feature file as existed in the Spec Flow 2.4 to be included in the latest version of Spec Flow.


  • Andreas Willich

    We have a replacement for SpecFlow+ Excel, which is called SpecFlow.ExternalData.

    You can find out more about here:

  • Huub -

    Andreas Willich , Brian Meyers In my humble opinion SpecFlow.ExternalData seems in not to be comparable to 'SpecFlow+ Excel' with respect of adressing the need to use Excel for describing or importing feaures+scenario's in Specflow?

    I was looking into this because of trying to connect Azure Test Plans to Specflow. But Excell import would possibly fit a broader use case. YHou migh also want to see this if you're interested in my perspective on this:


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