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[SpecFlow+LivingDoc] Generate FeatureData.json on Run Test/Run All Tests




  • Andreas Willich

    The FeatureData.json is generated automatically when you have added the SpecFlow.Plus.LivingDocPlugin NuGet package to your project.

    You don't need to do anything more to get it.


    Or do you mean that the LivingDoc.html file is automatically generated when you execute the scenarios? 

  • João Dinis

    Yes, I meant when I execute the scenarios :)

    I want to get the latest results not the results of the last run so this would have to be generated like the current report that is finished after all scenarios finish either successfully or not

    P.S: Sorry for replying with a different account (its my work email account) :)

  • João Dinis

    Also if I recall correctly and FeatureData.json doesn't exist at build time it's not recreated, only at test runs.

    Just tested and it doesn't recreate FeatureData

    Steps to recreate these issues:

    Issue 1 - Generate automatically LivingDoc.html based on current run:
     1 - Delete all tests
     2 - Fail a task (say throw exception on purpose)
     3 - Run tests
     4 - Delete all tests
     5 - Remove failing test
     6 - Run tests to generate LivingDoc.html
     7 - See the old failed task on LivingDoc.html

    Issue 2 - FeatureData.json isn't regenerated when built:
     1 - Delete FeatureData.json
     2 - build or just use ctrl+b
     3 - FeatureData.json still doesn't exist

    Possibly related to:

  • Mario Steiner

    Hi João, are you still facing the issue?

    SpecFlow+ LivingDoc Generator now supports the creation of documentation without test execution.

    You need to install or update to the latest version of the extension (at least 3.5.186).

    Learn how to configure the CLI:

  • João Dinis

    Seems both of these issues are fixed as of latest version :)

  • Mario Steiner

    Thanks for the confirmation :)


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