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SpecFlow+ LivingDoc Generator & Rule keyword in Gherkin 6



  • Official comment
    Andreas Willich

    We are aware of this issue and it is on our backlog.

  • Cosials, Benoit

    Same here,

    The Rule keyword is known to the syntaxe coloring editor...

    Dosen't create error at the execution

    But It simply erase everything below it at the report rendering step...

    Should I declare a bug?

  • Andreas Willich

    Cosials, Benoit no need to create a bug. It's already on our backlog. At the moment I can't say when we are fixing this. AFAIK there was a design meeting already on how to show the rules in LivingDoc in the feature tree on the left.

  • Bruno Boucard

    Sounds good!

  • Cosials, Benoit

    Let us know how was your meeting results :)

  • Robin Hughes

    My team has also started using the Rule keyword and Living Doc. It would be very handy to see Rules in living doc so that the business can see the tests written for the Rules they have given. Any update on when we might see Rules in Living Doc?

  • damjan cicin-sain

    Is there a backlog item somewhere so that we can monitor it and / or be informed when it is planned or implemented? 

  • Clausing, Kim

    Is there an update on this?  The point of specflow is to use gherkin when writing our tests.  Is there a work around for those of us which use Visual studio specflow extension?


    This would provide us the ability to truly start using specflow and living doc as a way to document source of truth.

  • Samuel Pecoul

    Same for my team: we use the 'Rule' and 'Example'  keyword a lot, and it's nicely highlighted in VS 2022 Specflow Extension. But all our scenario are lost once pushed to SpecFlow+ LivingDoc on Azure Devops.

    So it would be nice to have an update on this awaited feature planned one year ago.

  • ckolumbus

    Same here: still the same problem. What stack rank does this issue have in the backlog?

    But: Thanks for the cool software ... (to not just complain about wha'ts not working, the rest, what works, is really cool)

  • Richard Cutts

    Is this keyword supported at this point?
    I only ask as it is mentioned in the docs here:

    But, at least for my setup, it never makes it to the livingdoc. It could be I have done something incorrect as the syntax highlighting *is* working in VS2022.

    If it's not yet able to be part of the output then perhaps the docs should be updated to state which version of gherkin is recognized or just which keywords are ignored by livingdoc.

  • Andreas Willich

    No, it is still not supported in SpecFlow+ LivingDoc.

    But it is supported in all other SpecFlow products.

  • Richard Cutts

    Thanks Andreas,
    Glad to hear I'm not doing something wrong.
    This makes a change 🙂

  • Eric Carlson

    Also hoping to see this implemented in the LivingDoc plugin for Azure DevOps. Thanks!

  • Emmanuel Lehmann

    I've been waiting for this feature for 2 years now, and I'm not the only one, how can I help you?


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