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SpecFlow+LivingDoc change test passing threshold



  • Official comment
    Mario Steiner

    Update: Under consideration

    thanks everyone for your interesting feedback regarding the test passing threshold option/configuration.

    We are currently evaluating how we can further improve SpecFlow+ LivingDoc and how to enable individual test passing thresholds. We'll keep you updated.

  • Brenere, Oksana

    Very needed feature

  • Riškovs, Lauris

    In our current test automation setup we run single test multiple times - this is far more cost effective as creating and maintaining warmup scripts or manually populate cache with data for speedy response of application.

    Some of our tests can include performance thresholds (for example, whole test or part of test should execute within X seconds). These thresholds are for warmed up application with all the caching enabled- which of course is not present on first test run.

    In our current test automation setup we are able to set the tests as pass if at least one of the test run is successful.  


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