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SpecFlow+LivingDoc change test passing threshold



  • Official comment
    Mario Steiner

    Update: Under consideration

    thanks everyone for your interesting feedback regarding the test passing threshold option/configuration.

    We are currently evaluating how we can further improve SpecFlow+ LivingDoc and how to enable individual test passing thresholds. We'll keep you updated.

  • Brenere, Oksana

    Very needed feature

  • Rafael Pedretti

    Also it should be good to be able to set a `warning` status so we know when to check for flaky tests.
    Something like
    All runs fail -> Error
    Success runs > 0 and < total runs -> Warning
    All runs pass -> Success

  • Ivan Dolgov

    Hey guys, absolutely agree with Rafael.

    Also, it could be very cool if we would have possibility to configure it (f.e. in specflow.json).


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