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[SpecFlow + LivingDoc] Have Specflow + reports auto generate when running test from VS IDE



  • Mario Steiner

    Hi Moadeb, thanks for your request. We are currently evaluating how we can further improve the test report generation. We'll keep you updated.

  • Moadeb, Moshe

    Thank you Mario Steiner !

  • Sivanandam, Senthil Kumar

    Is there any update on this ? I am trying the same like Specflow + livingDoc to generate report in IDE itself. I sent a command in [AfterTest] but it produces the report of previous test, not the current one. 

    We dont have CI tool to implement the report generation and dont want to run the command separately


  • Moadeb, Moshe

    Sivanandam, Senthil Kumar

    I was able to get code that does generate the living doc within the code. if you put the command to generate a living doc in a method that has the tag "[AfterTestRun]" or if using NUnit the tag of "[OneTimeTearDown]" it will generate the living doc. you may need some wait's before the command kicks off.

    I hope this works for you!


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