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  • Johnathan Seal


    I am having a similar issue to Ola.

    Zephyr for Jira understands cucumber output.  Therefore, I would like to 'publish' the specflow output to cucumber.

    There is a reference to specnuts but that project is rather old (3 years since the last check-in).  So, what is the 'official' way to take the testresults.json and create the correct cucumber output file?

    Thanks for your help

  • Andreas Willich

    Ola Eldøy We have some cucumber-messages support in SpecFlow, but it wasn't implemented completely and the protocol changes a lot since we implemented it.

    At the moment we don't plan to work on it in the near future. 

    SpecFlow is open-source and so depends on the contributions of its community. We are only a small team and can't do everything.

    If you want to help us and implement cucumber-messages, the best way would be to jump on our Discord server at

    The GitHub Issue for it is here.


    Johnathan Seal Which cucumber output do you mean? There are multiple different formats. The latest is cucumber-messages. But there is also some json report from the past.

  • Ola Eldøy

    Thanks, Andreas Willich

    I would love to contribute. At the moment, I am unable to do much, but perhaps at a later time.


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