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Parameters from default.srprofile are not used in Azure Pipeline with Linux runner.



  • Andreas Willich

    Linux filesystem is case-sensitive. The correct filename is `Default.srProfile. Please rename the file and then it should work on your Linux agent.

  • Victor Sypniewski-Tom

    So I tried that. It didn't work.

    1. Environmental variables are not set

    I tried with not setting them up at the root of the pipeline

    I tried with setting them to empty string at the root of the pipeline (in two different ways)

    2. The retry setting is ignored: retry #2 [104 ms]

    I tried to `printenv` and variables were empty.

    (Just for sanity check I set them up in the root of the pipeline with correct values and it worked)


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

    In fact I do not care that much for env, but I do care for not rerunning the jobs.

  • Victor Sypniewski-Tom

    I also, tried to change the name to `dev.srprofile` in case naming it `Default` causes it not being seen, I still have the same effect.

    Edit: When I used the dev.srprofile it did not work locally. Does this need to be passed as CLI parameter?

  • Victor Sypniewski-Tom

    Is this an issue for github? I will try to run it locally on Linux dev env and see if it works locally on Linux.

  • Victor Sypniewski-Tom

    Hey Guys, I ran it on Ubuntu 18.04 with VSCode and indeed ``dotnet test`` does not observe the *.srprofile. 

    Is this a feature request or a bug?

  • Victor Sypniewski-Tom

    I just found this bit of log, maybe it will help. No matter how I name the .srprofile it is not being used on linux.

    -> -> Loading plugin /home/bin/Debug/netcoreapp3.1/BDD.dll
    -> -> Missing [assembly:RuntimePlugin] attribute in BDD, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null. Please check for details.
    -> -> Loading plugin /home/bin/Debug/netcoreapp3.1/SpecRun.Runtime.SpecFlowPlugin.dll
    -> -> Loading plugin /home/bin/Debug/netcoreapp3.1/LivingDoc.SpecFlowPlugin.dll
    -> -> Using default config
  • Zoltán Tóth


    could you please run "dotnet test -v:d" and check the output?

    The "Using default config"  is printed by the SpecFlow framework telling that it uses the default SpecFlow configuration (there was no specflow.json or app.config configuration found). So this is not about the SpecFlow+Runner profile.

    In your .srprofile you can give a name to your profile <Settings projectName="SomeProfileName" />. In the detailed log you should see a snippet as follows:

    SpecFlow+Runner execution started
    SpecFlow+Runner 3.7.9 in Framework netcore31 in x64 mode execution started
    TestAdapter Location:XXX
    Current UserName: 'XXX', MachineName: 'XXX'
    SpecRun: running tests in XXX
    Output folder configured to XXX
    Profile: SomeProfileName


  • Zoltán Tóth

    Some more thoughts:

    • if you don't use runsettings then the default file name that is picked up is "Default.srprofile" with capital "D".
    • the .srprofile has to be next to the test assembly. Make sure that the file has a "copy if newer" setting in the project.
    • if you use runsettings then you specify the srprofile file in the <SpecRun>/<Profile> element.
    • if you use runsettings you could specify it explicitly for dotnet test using the "-s|--settings <SETTINGS_FILE>" option
  • Victor Sypniewski-Tom

    I use runsettings.
    This is set <Settings projectName="SomeProfileName" />

    The Profile comes back as empty on Linux
    The same project on Windows shows Profile: BDD
    I added copy if newer.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <TestProfile xmlns="">
    <Settings projectName="BDD" />
    <Execution retryFor="None" stopAfterFailures="1" testThreadCount="1" testSchedulingMode="Sequential" />


    A total of 1 test files matched the specified pattern.
    SpecFlow+Runner execution started
    SpecFlow+Runner 3.7.3 in Framework netcore31 in x64 mode execution started
    TestAdapter Location: /home/repos/BDD/bin/Debug/netcoreapp3.1/TechTalk.SpecRun.VisualStudio.TestAdapter.dll
    Current UserName: 'xxx', MachineName: 'Virtual-Machine'
    SpecRun: running tests in /home/repos/BDD/bin/Debug/netcoreapp3.1/BDD.dll
    Output folder configured to "/home/repos/TestResults" (default)
    Log file path: /home/repos/BDD/TestResults/Unnamed project__2021-03-05T170340.log
    Checking activation
    Activation check completed
    Starting test run
    Discovering target: Default

    Is it possible that this simply does not work on Linux?

  • Victor Sypniewski-Tom

    Explicitly stating
    dotnet test --filter TestCategory=auto -s settings.runsettings

    Works! Zoltán Tóth

    Andreas Willich is this something worth logging in github for linux? Maybe docs update?

  • Zoltán Tóth

    I still don't think that this is related to Linux. If you use the command line you have to specify the runsettings explicitly on all platforms. Only Visual Studio has an "autodetect" feature.

    See the documentation of "-s|--settings <SETTINGS_FILE>" at

    There are also two further links that explain the usage of settings files in detail.

  • Victor Sypniewski-Tom

    Interesting. I would rather not have support in VS (magic always leads to troubles) and expect the same behaviour everywhere. 

    I ran this from PowerShell without even opening VS19, without -s option, and the profile was picked up.

    One or the other way, thanks a million for your help.

  • Sudhindra Kumar

    Zoltán Tóth : I am facing this issue in Linux even after following the same process stated in this discussion thread. Any help would be really appeciated.

    Packages used with <TargetFramework>netcoreapp3.1</TargetFramework> is as below

     <PackageReference Include="SpecFlow.Plus.LivingDocPlugin" Version="3.7.43" />
    <PackageReference Include="SpecFlow.Tools.MsBuild.Generation" Version="3.7.13" />
    <PackageReference Include="SpecRun.SpecFlow" Version="3.7.3" />
    Could not generate test run result reports. An error occurred in the generator.
    External program returned exit code '254'
  • Victor Sypniewski-Tom

    Sudhindra Kumar I think this is slightly different symptom to this issue (I did not have problem with report). Could you open new post and give some more details there, please?

  • Sudhindra Kumar

    Victor Sypniewski-Tom, Zoltán Tóth : I found out the issue. Since i was using custom test report template, the path needs to be changed to be compatible with Linux. I updated it & it worked fine. Thank you



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