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Warning: No feature files were discovered.




  • Viktor Nemes

    Have you installed the SpecFlow.Plus.LivingDocPlugin to your test project? 

  • Sven Seyfert

    Hi, I do have a similar issue.
    I use SpecFlow+LivingDoc extension in Azure DevOps, since yesterday (all is up-to-date).

    Unfortunately "No features found" is displayed :( .
    The repository and the branch is correct but nothing is displayed.
    It doesn't matter if I toggle "Test results" on or off.

    I configured and checked all several times to fit your instruction guide (documentation). Everything should work as expected, but no. No feature, no test result ist displayed.

    Please see the screenshots:

    What can I do to get the features and of course the results?

    Thanks for any hint or suggestion, I am very grateful for any help.

    Best regards

  • Smit, Michiel

    Viktor Nemes thanks, I will try that, but I cannot update the specflow plugin right now,

  • Viktor Nemes

    Sven Seyfert in the Feature Folder parameter you should provide your test project root folder. Currently LivingDoc is looking for a folder called Value.TestAutoamtion which is not your project folder based on your screenshot.

    Try it with "Value.Testautomation.UI"

  • Sven Seyfert

    Hi and thanks Viktor Nemes,

    this was unfortunately not the reason, but thanks for notice that I misconfigured the root folder path.
    I did something wrong in the build pipeline (the artefact wasn't in the expected structure and format).

    But in the meanwhile I switched to SpecFlow+LivingDoc Generator that works fine for me.
    I added a task to send the results via mail to me and my collegues and that's great enough. No further need to use the Azure DevOps extension.

    Out of my perspective, my problem is solved.
    Best regards,


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