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[SpecFlow] for Visual Studio Code



  • Steve Hernandez

    That'd be great! It would enable something like create-react-app where other tools like Boa Constrictor could be curated into a command line tool to grab all the required packages, dependencies and drivers to make a ready to rock test C# test solution in one go. Maybe "constrictor-create 'my fluent test solution' ~/Desktop/" 

  • Andreas Willich

    Steve Hernandez What are you describing sounds more like a new project template, which can be done via `dotnet new` rather than a feature of a VS Code extension.

  • Richard

    Would it be possible to have the capabilities to build the back end C# code on build with a SpecFlow extension running on VS Code? 

  • Andreas Willich

    Richard The `SpecFlow.Tools.MSBuild.Generation` NuGet package is already doing this. It is mandatory since SpecFlow 3. Are you using an older version of SpecFlow?

  • Glen Quinn

    I use both Visual Studio code and Specflow quite a lot and I will also be in support for a Specflow extension.


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