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[SpecFlow] for Visual Studio Code



  • Steve Hernandez

    That'd be great! It would enable something like create-react-app where other tools like Boa Constrictor could be curated into a command line tool to grab all the required packages, dependencies and drivers to make a ready to rock test C# test solution in one go. Maybe "constrictor-create 'my fluent test solution' ~/Desktop/" 

  • Andreas Willich

    Steve Hernandez What are you describing sounds more like a new project template, which can be done via `dotnet new` rather than a feature of a VS Code extension.

  • Richard

    Would it be possible to have the capabilities to build the back end C# code on build with a SpecFlow extension running on VS Code? 

  • Andreas Willich

    Richard The `SpecFlow.Tools.MSBuild.Generation` NuGet package is already doing this. It is mandatory since SpecFlow 3. Are you using an older version of SpecFlow?

  • Glen Quinn

    I use both Visual Studio code and Specflow quite a lot and I will also be in support for a Specflow extension.

  • Tom Worboys

    This would be very helpful please. Similar to the Visual Studio extension if possible. This would make automation much more accessible to some of our testers that do not have the luxury of a Visual Studio Pro licence.

  • Eric Rommel


  • Albin Ma

    +1. What we need as a bare minimum is the code gen part when feature files are modified. Myself and other developers do not have easy access to windows machines with visual studio installed. It will also help in hiring of remote workers who may not have windows machines and visual studio either.

  • Andreas Willich

    Albin Ma For years you don't need Visual Studio to generate the code-behind files of feature files. This is done via MSBuild when you compile your project.

    Documentation about it is here:

    For SpecFlow 3 this is required.


  • Odele, Kayode

    I would like to see a specflow extension for VS code for seamless recognition and running of tests


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