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[SpecFlow] Generators to support generating attributes with name value pairs from tags



  • Andreas Willich

    No, this feature is not available at the moment. We convert tags to traits/testcategories, but that is all.

    But I would be happy to review a Pull Request for SpecFlow that will add this feature to SpecFlow.

  • Sam Shackleton

    For some reason I thought that the Test Explorer in Visual Studio groups tests which had the same property name (when you group by traits) but I was mistaken so I'm not sure this feature would be particularly beneficial.

  • Andreas Willich

    Test Explorer is capable to group by traits and as we convert the tags into traits, this use case is already working.

    So is the use case you had in mind with this feature request already covered?

    Tbh, I am a little bit confused now.


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