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Unable to generate new feature without altering csproj file when using SpecFlow 2.4.1 and Sdk style csproj file



  • Andreas Willich

    For SpecFlow 3 we rewrote completely the MSBuild generation, so no idea if this is a bug in 2.4.1 or not.

    I found the sources on GitHub and there is already a PR to get support for SpecFlow 3 in it (

    I think your best chance is to fork the project, merge the PR and publish a NuGet package with a new name to

  • Todd McGhee

    Thanks for the quick response.  Apparently downgrading further to 2.3.1 has somewhat solved the issue as far as the add feature functionality being able to be performed without messing with the .csproj file.  I don't like that solution any better than continuing to use 2.4.1 if there is a way to move these old codebases into the SpecFlow 3 realm.  I'll send an update after giving SpecFlow.Unity a shot with the update for SpecFlow 3.


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