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[SpecFlow+LivingDoc] Display test results per scenario



  • Mario Steiner

    thanks for the clarification, I think the additional parameter will not have an impact on the way how we visualize the number of features/scenarios. I was curious if there is a need to see both information quickly on a high level in the tree view. We will consider your request and keep you updated

  • Mario Steiner

    Hi Filip, thanks a lot for taking the time and sending us your request. Do you also have a use case, when you would need to see both: number of features and the number of scenarios? Or would you always just expect to see scenarios only?

  • Filip Bieleszuk

    Hi Mario,

    We would like to see number of scenarios instead of features - this seems more reasonable for our project - especially that it is possible to filter the view by scenario result.

    I've suggested having an additional parameter as another users may be happy with the existing approach.


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