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A change in feature file with Living Doc is not applied after the commit




  • Viktor Nemes

    If you don't see Living Doc updated it can have multiple reasons:

    - the pipeline was not building the branch what you have modified -> you need to queue a pipeline for the correct branch

    - the pipeline building the correct branch but it did not contain the livingdoc build task -> the correct pipeline needs to be queued with which contains the build task

    - the pipeline is failing because of your change -> check the logs for errors and after the fix requeue the pipeline

  • Mario Steiner

    thanks, Viktor for the help. I will move the request to the General community forum since it is not related to new feature requests.

  • CALLEA Stephane

    Thanks for your feeback.

    Like I edit the feature since "Open Editor" function in Specflow+ Living Doc, I changed the login "reader" by "writer" with the "Open Editor" After that I commited and the pipeline ran with the correct branch.

    If I check the log of the Test build task,  I saw:

    Scenario: Login to the PocBdd application, reader in Connection -> Failed on thread

    "reader" is the intial value and I changed by "writer" with the "Open Editor".

    If I go Overview/Specflow+ Living Doc I can see the result and the value changed "writer" have the status "Others"




  • Zoltán Tóth

    If I understand well: it seems that the tests are executed based on the old feature file content, while LivingDoc is generated from the new feature file content. Is it possible that the pipeline in question does not rebuild the SpecFlow project and hence it still executes a previously generated test code?

  • CALLEA Stephane

    Yes you understand well, it seems living doc take the new feature file but not the build test task.

  • CALLEA Stephane


    I changed the yml file and I ran the test directly with the dotnet command.

    That compile with the new feature file.

    Thats works fine now.

    Thanks for your feedback.


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