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[SpecFlow+ LivingDoc] Make configuration of HTML result more flexible



  • Andreas Willich

    Proper support for Target and Retries from the SpecFlow+ Runner isn't implemented in SpecFlow+ LivingDoc yet, because we didn't know how many people are using a combination of these features and LivingDoc. And it will be a lot of effort to implement it. It would have delayed the release of the test results features for weeks.

    It's classical, the last 20% of a feature takes 80% time.

    As a workaround at the moment, I would split the stable and unstable scenarios into two different executions, generate two TestExecution.jsons, and generate two LivingDocs.


    Point 5 looks like a bug, could you open a ticket for this? Please attach a repro project to make it quicker for us to find the reason for it.

  • Karol Czechowski

    Hi Ivan Dolgov and Andreas Willich
    Regarding point number 1, I didn't want to create a new feature request so I can write here, that this is probably highly demanded feature. In SpecFlow+ Runner it's very useful, that re-run scenario is marked as passed in the end (with orange bar) and in LivingDoc it's still failed and marked red. This requires extra time and investigation to verify that it has actually passed in the end. 
    Summarizing, test results for the same scenario should be overwritten (filtered by timestamp) or merged how it is now - but the final status should be from the last run. It might be parametrized as Ivan mentioned, in specflow.json.
    For now this blocks us for using LD as the first-look report and We stay with SP+ Runner reports. 
    Good job anyway! I'm staying tuned!


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