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[SpecFlow+ LivingDoc] Make configuration of HTML result more flexible


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  • Andreas Willich

    Proper support for Target and Retries from the SpecFlow+ Runner isn't implemented in SpecFlow+ LivingDoc yet, because we didn't know how many people are using a combination of these features and LivingDoc. And it will be a lot of effort to implement it. It would have delayed the release of the test results features for weeks.

    It's classical, the last 20% of a feature takes 80% time.

    As a workaround at the moment, I would split the stable and unstable scenarios into two different executions, generate two TestExecution.jsons, and generate two LivingDocs.


    Point 5 looks like a bug, could you open a ticket for this? Please attach a repro project to make it quicker for us to find the reason for it.


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