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BeforeTestRun hooks parameter injection



  • Jordan Western

    Hi Karl Farley,

    You need to use MSTest to access this class as described in the documentation, not the SpecFlow+ Runner.

    I'm going to speak with one of our senior devs to see if -

    1. This is still correct

    2. There is another way of accessing this data using the runner

    I will get back to you once I have an answer.


  • Karl Farley

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, I can do what I want to providing I use SpecRun.MSTest runner. However, we make use of the SpecRun.Runner html reporting which from my understanding, isn't output when using SpecRun.MSTest.

    This leave us in a situation where we either can't access BeforeTestRun using SpecRun.Runner or we don't get the html report if we use SpecRun.MSTest.

  • Jordan Western

    Karl Farley

    Have you seen our LivingDoc and does it suit your needs? or are you set on using the runner generated html report?


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