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[SpecFlow+LivingDoc] Support multiple publishes to LivingDoc (build and release)



  • Jordan Western

    Hi Julian Verdurmen,

    Loud and clear, I believe you are not the only one to have requested and we are aware that people would like to see a solution.

    Many thanks

  • Verdurmen, Julian

    Thanks for the reply.

    • There wasn't already feature request for it, isn't? (otherwise I should upvote it)
    • Is there something I could do to speed up the progress? 


  • Jordan Western

    Julian Verdurmen,

    Not that I can see but I know people have mentioned this in other channels.

    The teams priorities at the moment are with .NET 6 support and we have a backlog of items to work through, but feature requests are part of creating new backlog items, so if it gets enough upvotes then it will certainly be considered upcoming work.


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