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  • Dominique BOYER

    You already added support for .NET 6 for all your codebase ...

    Not doing the same for SpecFlow+ Runner send a very bad message to community (like don't use it, I will not actively support this component ...), that's just my opinion.

  • Ravi Bhalala (rbhalala)

    I agree with Dominique BOYER. .Net 5 will be around for next few months and we are already preparing to switch towards .Net 6.

    Is there any expected date when it will be officially available ?

  • Adrien SITTER


    We already switched to .NET6 on our toolchain and we really need SpecFlow Runner to handle .NET 6.
    I can see that in your Public Roadmap it is marked as "Shipped" any idea when it will be released ?

    Best regards,



  • Jimmy Xu

    The same question as Adrien. We are waiting to put this last piece of jigsaw puzzle into our .NET 6 project. We have been waiting for about 1 month after .NET 6 GA.


    Thanks and best regards,


  • Jake Leaning

    +1 to this. Could we know if this is actively in development with an ETA or should we be expecting this to be a distant future?

  • Matthew Jones

    Sooner the better, we're currently using MsTest in the meanwhile, but we ideally need runner for our purposes

  • Diego Martin

    Unable to resolve 'SpecFlow.Plus.LivingDocPlugin (>= 3.9.35)' for 'net6.0'.
    Unable to resolve 'SpecFlow.xUnit (>= 3.9.22)' for 'net6.0'.

    Is there any workaround? It's not only the runner but the libraries to compile themselves, isn't it?

    Also, I found specflow loooking for .NET 6 BDD frameworks, whichegave me, literally, this URL

    and it says:


    Always up to date and ready

    Our team and the community pay close attention to make sure SpecFlow is always compatible with the most recent versions of the platforms we support. Support for Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6 are here already!

    So I'm surprised it's not supported. Am I missing something? (new to specflow)

  • John Rodriguez

    Any updates on this issue?  I too am confused on whether or not SpecRun is going to maintain feature parity to the rest of SpecFlow and .NET6. 

    Can anyone speak as to why this was left out?  Will this be the same case in the future?  Should we not be relying on Specrun?

  • Matthew Jones

    This link concerns me: 

    Known Issues — SpecFlow+ Runner documentation

    In that specrunner does not support .net6 is under the "issues are known, and no fix is scheduled"

  • John Rodriguez

    Hi Matthew - Thanks - yes, that is very concerning followed by the lack of communication on the subject. If the SpecFlow team can please provide their feedback on their ongoing support for this runner, we can make some decisions on our end on whether to abandon SpecRunner (and the related reporting and srprofile features) completely and move on.

  • Carter Rohmiller

    We've grown to appreciate what SpecFlow and the SpecFlow+ Runner offer for test automation, we think it's a great combination - nice work SpecFlow Team!  However, I agree this issue is concerning as we look to roll out a new automation framework featuring SpecFlow and the SpecFlow+ Runner.  

    Can someone on the SpecFlow Team please clarify when this issue will be resolved, if a solution is in progress without a concrete eta, or if SpecFlow+ will not be supported going forward?

    Thanks again!

  • Andreas Willich

    Sorry that we kept you waiting that long for an update on .NET 6 for the SpecFlow+ Runner.

    I have to inform you that there will be no .NET 6 support for the SpecFlow+ Runner as we are stopping the maintenance of it.

    For more details, please have a look at our blog post about it:


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