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Missing Specflow options in Visual Studio 2022




  • Andreas Willich

    The extension for VS 2022 doesn't have the dialog any more. What configuration entry are you searching for?

  • Kyle Kolander

    I noticed this, too, while comparing my VS 2019 options against my VS 2022 options.  Good to know that SpecFlow will no longer by in the Options dialog.  Is there another place to configure the extension, or does the extension no longer allow configuration?  Regardless of which configuration entry, just want to know for our workstation setup documentation.  Andreas Willich

  • J V

    Is there any way to enable the Specflow Single File Generator as the Specflow Options aren't available in Visual Studio 2022?

  • Andreas Willich

    J V No, there is not. The SpecFlowSingleFileGenerator is obsolete and gone with the VS2022 version.

    You need to use the `SpecFlow.Tools.MSBuild.Generation` NuGet Package. Documentation is here:

  • Killer, Helmut (ext)

    You can still configure SpecFlowSingleFileGenerator in your feature file Visual Studio properties:

    Custom Tool = SpecFlowSingleFileGenerator

    But it is not available in Specflow 3


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