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Specflow+ LivingDoc restclient error due to file size



  • Andreas Willich

    I think you hit the limit of the Azure DevOps storage we are using and is available to the extensions. We infested already some time into making the files smaller, so I am not sure there is a lot of potential left. I have to ask the team.

    The only workaround I can think of now is to use the SpecFlow+ LivingDoc generator CLI directly and save the files outside of Azure DevOps.

  • Frank Doyle

    We're seeing a similar issue:

    Are there any plans to resolve the size limitation, please? Are larger projects limited to the CLI implementation indefinitely?

  • Andreas Willich

    Yes, at the moment larger projects are limited to using the CLI directly and saving the HTML somewhere else.


  • Centinaro, Gabriele

    We are having the same problem with just 5% of our tests running.
    LivingDoc for ADO was a very good feature that allowed to have all information centralized in ADO. I think without a solution for this issue LivingDoc in ADO is not very useful.

  • Vijendra Jaswal

    We are also facing the same issue on Azure Cloud solution.

    Any workaround or suggestions to get this issue fixed.

  • Kevin Evans

    Echoing the last two comments. Running into the same issue. The file size limitation is a real problem. 


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