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Allow MSTest or NUnit or XUNIT to output Cucumber.json format




  • Jordan Western

    Hey sandeep hegde,

    SpecRun supports .Net 5, this is the last .Net version that will be supported as SpecRun is already retired.

    For creating custom reports, I think you would have to create your own custom report generator, unless someone else knows otherwise!

  • sandeep hegde

    Hi Jordan Western, I could not find any custom report generator that will create Cucumber.json as an output report format. I believe Cucumber allows this with Cucumber allow this, through the -f or -p option..

    Can SpecFlow provide an alternative to provide Cucumber JSON with MSTEST or NUNIT (not that SpecRun is being retired)?

  • Andreas Willich

    sandeep hegde

    At the moment we don't plan to write a report generator for the Cucumber Json format.

    You would need to do it yourself. As I suggested in, one starting point could be a json file, which is created by SpecFlow+ LivingDoc.


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