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SpecFlow and .Net 6 - recommended test runner




  • Andreas Willich

    The end of the SpecFlow+ Runner is absolute no signal that SpecFlow is end-of-life. As I wrote, we want to concentrate on topics, that benefit all SpecFlow users.

    Since the beginning of SpecFlowWe support NUnit, xUnit and MSTest. We made a video that compare all three:

    Everyone has features, that the others don't have. So you have to decide for your project, what will work best for you. 

    Personally, I am a big fan of xUnit. From the NuGet download numbers, it looks NUnit is the preferred one in the community.

  • anwesha dash

    Andreas Willich Retry is not working by adding a new Default1.srpprofile here. Any modifications on it?


  • Andreas Willich

    anwesha dash

    1. it is Default.srProfile and not Default1.srpprofile

    2. This only works for the SpecFlow+ Runner, which is not maintained anymore. It does NOT work for xUnit, MSTest or NUnit

    3. Please don't hijack threads with a completely different topic

  • anwesha dash

    Sure ,thank you.


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