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Using specflow to run an algorithm instead of test?



  • Marlon Regenhardt

    This is our small example:

    	Given the first number is element of {1, 2}
    	And the second number is element of {1, 2}
    	And milk is element of {2,3}
    	When the first number shall be bigger than the second number
    	And milk shall be bigger than the second number
    	Then solve it
  • Marlon Regenhardt

    "Then solve it" solves it and prints the result to the console. In this case of course, the test console.


  • Andreas Willich

    An interesting use-case for SpecFlow that you have here.

    Sadly SpecFlow can't execute Scenarios at runtime, as we generate a code-behind file when you build the project. So your web app would need to compile a project before it can run anything.

    If this ok, you can create a new unit test provider, that generates the code in a different way which can be executed without any test framework.


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