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SpecFlow+ Excel Plug in.



  • Andreas Willich

    Sorry, that I didn't get back to you.

    I am in talks with the people in charge if we make SpecFlow+ Excel open-source. Just forgot to answer your Email. 

    If I have some new information about this topic, I will post an update here.


    What I would like to know is, what features of SpecFlow+ Excel are you missing in SpecFlow.ExternalData?

    That you can write the whole scenario in Excel?

    That you can get DataTables from Excel?

    Or would it be too much work for you to switch from SpecFlow+Excel to SpecFlow.ExternalData?

  • Chunxing SHEN


    I'm terribly sorry that I was not able to answer back earlier. We use Excel to write the whole testing scenario, and convert them into testing cases. The most we depend on is the powerful Excel formulas, we calculate the expected values (arrays) for each step based on input and condition change. It's my understanding that SpecFlow.ExternalData only allows us to load the data into the testing case, but has not support the interactive data manipulation on each step yet, or at least not as flexible as Excel.

    Following this link ( ), you can see a typical test case we created with Excel using it's formulas, we have build much more complicated cases using Excel than this. Please let me know if you cannot access the file, I can send you via email. 

    Please let us know if you guys make any changes regarding to SpecFlow+ Excel.




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