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wildcards for testexecution json file is not working.



  • Andreas Willich

    Could you post the complete command line call?

    It is the fourth line in the screenshot.

  • The command line task he not relevant to SpecFlow and it was just for my reference.  Below is the task which I am using.

    - task: SpecFlowPlus@0
        displayName: Create SpecFlow Feature Documentation
        condition: always()
            generatorSource: 'TestAssembly'  #Required. Options: FeatureFolder, TestAssembly, FeatureData
              testAssemblyFilePath:' $(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)/FeatureTests/bin/Debug/netcoreapp3.1/Rabobank.nBIF.RSME.FeatureTests.dll'
            projectName: 'nBIF POC SpecFlow'
            testExecutionJson: '$(Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory)/FeatureTests/bin/Debug/**/TestExecution_*.json'
            projectLanguage: 'en'

  • Please assist on what I am missing here :) I tried multiple approaches for fixing the path, but no luck. Below is how the TestExecution_*.json files are being published in the pipeline.


  • Andreas Willich

    Hmm. Interesting. 

    The only quick idea is, that there is a problem with case-sensitive paths. You are running on a Linux agent which is case-sensitive for files/folders/paths. Windows is not case-sensitive for these things.

  • Should I need to try this in windows agent pool? kindly advice.

  • It seems to be the same issue when I run it on windows agent pool.

  • I'm facing issue while running on Windows agent. Andreas Willich  Could you please help on it.

  • mohan panigrahi

    Andreas Willich I too face the same issue as Yenike Surya Prakash - Remote-MRSI - external . The same path works fine for single file “c:\azagent\A2\_work\r66\a\slecflow.automaion\bddspwcflowTests.dll” but does not work “c:\azagent\A2\_work\r66\a\**\bddspwcflowTests*.dll”

  • Andreas Willich me too facing the same issue Yenike Surya Prakash - Remote-MRSI - external  mohan panigrahi . can somebody help me on this.


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