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Linking within LivingDoc



  • Andreas Willich

    You are using MarkDown in the descriptions. And you need the '<>' if you have spaces within the path.

    If you don't have spaces, you can leave the <> brackets out.

    Yeah, the example in the project is not the best, but the only thing that is possible. We wanted to show how you link to different feature files but didn't want to add a second feature file to the template only to show this feature. So we link to itself.

    Does this help you understand it better?

  • Richard Cutts

    Thanks Andreas,
    Understood re the link syntax, thanks.

    The problem that I am having is that in my own project, I have 2 feature files.

    • MyProject/Features/First Feature.feature
    • MyProject/Features/Second Feature.feature

    And one has a link to the other, like so:

    Feature: First Feature

    - This feature relates to [Second Feature](<MyProject/Features/Second Feature.feature>)


    But in the html output:

    <a href>Second Feature</a>

    So when it's clicked it just reloads the whole document and doesn't navigate to the feature.

    I would have expected perhaps something like

    <a href="#/document/Standalone/feature/{id}">Second Feature</a>

    It was after observing this behavior I checked the calculator example for guidance.

    Is it most likely some bone headed typo on my part? If the path can't be resolved it is just omitted entirely from the output?

  • Andreas Willich

    That linking works is dependend on the directory you are executing the cli command from.

    What is your CLI command and in which folder are you executing it?

  • Richard Cutts


    Running the CLI from the Specification folder (the root of the VS project)

    livingdoc test-assembly '.\bin\Debug\net6.0\Specification.dll' --title 'Functional Specification' -t .\bin\Debug\net6.0\TestExecution.json -o 'Functional Specification.html'


    Also, the BookShop example in github is displaying the same behavior I'm seeing. 


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