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Fresh start Automation with SpecFlow and Selenium in Dot Net Core 6



  • Andreas Willich

    Could you point me to the examples/pages where you think they are outdated? I will have a look at them and find some time to update them.


    Your described use case is very advanced already. The best example I have for it is this:

    It uses SpecFlow.Actions for Selenium and the configuration and with it you have support for multiple browsers.

    Parallel execution with browsers is always hard, as it depends mostly on your test automation code and your application. And of your test runner. Documentation for it can be found here:

    Configuration of the Browser are done via specflow.actions.json. Nothing from SpecFlow is using the appsettings.json file, as we believe this is for your application under test or your tests and not for configuring SpecFlow.

  • Pritesh Sanipara


    Thank you for detailed reply.

    Actually we have already created many scenarios using Specflow + Selenium + Dot Net core 6.

    I was searching for basic example which covert Parallel cross browser run. I found some example which use Specflow Runner but It is also deprecated. 

    Somehow I have managed to run parallel by using Scenario Context but still looking for cross browser implementation. It would be good if you share example in Dot net core 6.

    Thank you





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