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Error: Repository can not be found. when trying to generate living docs in Azure DevOps release pipeline




  • Andreas Willich

    No quick clue what is happening to you. 

    Are you using the latest version of the SpecFlow+LivingDoc Plugin?

    Is there a difference between the repositories for which the builds are?

  • John Cross-Martin

    Hi, yes I'm using latest version of NuGet package (3.9.57) in my .Net test project and latest ADO extension version (0.6.964). It's the same versions in each of the ADO projects. I can't see any difference in the repositories.

    Are there any particular permissions that the doc generation requires to run in ADO? 

  • John Cross-Martin

    For anyone else who runs into this, it was resolved by disabling this setting on the Azure DevOps project:

    Protect access to repositories in YAML pipelines 

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