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Specflow Actions + LivingDoc integration


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  • Matt Stahl-Coote

    Having the same issue. The problem seems to be with the SpecFlow.NUnit plugin. When the NUnit test feature code files, e.g., are generated during the build, the description tag for the feature is generated from the feature name, which makes sense normally. However, if you're using SpecFlow.Actions.Configuration to run the same tests with several configurations this doesn't work as needed. 

    While the feature partial classes are generated once for each configuration, e.g. whateverFeature_edge (where “edge” is my configuration name), their description attributes , e.g. NUnit.Framework.DescriptionAttribute("whatever"), are identical regardless of the configuration. When the LivingDocs TestExecution.json is generated, it uses the description text which is the same for each configuration. 

    When the HTML is generated for the LivingDoc.html file, it appears to match what is in the TestExecution.json file to the feature descriptions in the test assembly, to calculate which have been run, so you can't even manually change the TestExecution.json file as the original test assembly descriptions won't match.

    The descriptions in the feature.cs files need to be amended, as the partial class names are, to reflect each configuration. 

    If I'm missing something here, and there's a way of marking the results per configuration, I'd love to know it. 



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