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SpecFlow+ Living Doc multiple pipelines on same repo



  • Aron Weiler

    Are you generating the document in the same folder?

    The LivingDoc.html file generated will overwrite (not combine with) any file that is previously there.

    I believe this is by design, as you would want to refresh your data in that document. 

    I would suggest running different commands when generating for different projects that would allow you to specify different outputs for those projects.

  • Andreas Willich

    This behavior is by design for SpecFlow+ LivingDoc for Azure DevOps.

    To generate multiple different Living Documentations for the same repository, you need to use the SpecFlow+ LivingDoc Generator (

  • Joost Voskuil

    That's a real pitty. The reason why I am saying this is because in this case you make a hard one-repo to one-pipeline relationship. It is quite common that in one repo there are multiple application components being build and deployed.

    Maybe it is a nice thing to remove this one-to-one relationship and that the LivingDoc UI Extension can pickup LivingDoc-*.html. In this case you create one top level hierarchy



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