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Public Roadmap Pinned
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.NET 7 Visual Studio Extension support
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[SpecFlow] Visual Studio Mac Support
10 votes 12 comments
[SpecFlow.Generator] Display warning which indicates which example name is duplicated
0 votes 0 comments
[SpecFlow + LivingDoc] Have Specflow + reports auto generate when running test from VS IDE
4 votes 4 comments
[Visual Studio Extension] Automatically format feature file on save
1 vote 2 comments
Add Scenario level parallel execution
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[SpecFlow] Feature file code analyzer
2 votes 0 comments
Would be great to have constants at scenario level or feature level
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Allow a way to toggle the default show/hide toggle for output on the livingDoc
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specflow error in migration to .net6
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Creating new features files directly in Azure DevOps
1 vote 0 comments
Support full Github Flavored Markdown in feature Files
0 votes 1 comment
Specflow.Assist support in contains validation for table
3 votes 0 comments
Support for SpecFlow+ Excel in current SpecFlow versions Not planned
6 votes 7 comments
SpecFlow+ LivingDoc Generator & Rule keyword in Gherkin 6
21 votes 13 comments
[SpecFlow] Allow multiple parameters to be used with External Data plugin
3 votes 3 comments
GitHub Actions for SpecFlow+LivingDoc
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Add more placeholders to execution results JSON file name
0 votes 2 comments
[SpecFlow+LivingDoc] Readme/Information page
1 vote 2 comments
Shortcut to autoformat tables in feature files
0 votes 2 comments
[SpecFlow] Add Cucumber Expressions
16 votes 3 comments
Using specflow to run an algorithm instead of test?
0 votes 3 comments