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Public Roadmap Pinned
0 votes 0 comments
[SpecFlow] for Visual Studio Code
26 votes 5 comments
Allow string arrays as parameters in StepDefinitionBaseAttribute
1 vote 2 comments
[SpecFlow+ LivingDoc] Ability to see historical test runs in Specflow + Living Doc
11 votes 21 comments
Adding screenshots to livingdoc using devops blob storage
0 votes 2 comments
[SpecFlow] Visual Studio Mac Support
8 votes 8 comments
[SpecFlow + LivingDoc] Console.WriteLine or Logger information included in failed test message Completed
2 votes 4 comments
[SpecFlow] F12 Navigation to scoped steps from feature files
0 votes 0 comments
[SpecFlow+ LivingDoc] Make configuration of HTML result more flexible
0 votes 1 comment
SpecFlow+LivingDoc change test passing threshold
13 votes 4 comments
[SpecMap] Allow Azure queries to identify all cards present on a map.
2 votes 2 comments
[SpecFlow] Define a way to initialize Binding/Step Class to be Generic
2 votes 2 comments
[SpecFlow] Allow multiple parameters to be used with External Data plugin
3 votes 1 comment
[SpecFlow+ LivingDoc] LivingDoc in Azure Devops
1 vote 3 comments
[SpecFlow] Analysing test duration
0 votes 3 comments
[SpecFlow+LivingDoc] in Azure DevOps: Screenshot are not accessible, BlobNotFound Error
1 vote 2 comments
[SpecFlow+ LivingDoc] Unused step definitions from external assemblies
0 votes 3 comments
[VisualStudio Extension] - Display scenarios that use a test step
5 votes 3 comments
SpecFlow+ LivingDoc Generator & Rule keyword in Gherkin 6
12 votes 7 comments
[SpecFlow + LivingDoc] Include screenshot of failed tests Completed
32 votes 9 comments
[SpecMap] Show more fields on Cards
6 votes 4 comments